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About GP at Home

GP at Home is a unique, bespoke membership service offering personal medical consultations online. Our e-Consultations provide expert, secure, convenient and cost effective advice on the go.

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GP at Home


“GPatHome manages to combine personal care, rapid response, and ease of use. It is a great comfort to us to know that primary care is available during weekends and holidays. Drs. Setchell and Payne care about their patients and this shines through in their interactions.”


“GP at home is marvellous ! I have two young children so health concerns crop up regularly. Any worries are quickly dealt with- I have never waited more than an hour for a reply, even on the evening and weekends, usually a reply is instant. I know that I can get advice from my wonderful GPs Fiona and Justine, who know me and my family and whom I trust, wherever I am in the world – amazing!”


“As someone who lives mainly overseas, and travels widely, being a member of gpathome provides an invaluable service, providing easy and fast access to medical experts who know you well. I cannot rate the service highly enough.”


Face to face consultations will continue during the second lockdown

We are working in PPE in a Covid-safe environment and consider it imperative that patients are able to continue to come in to see us in person so will continue to offer appointments at 25 Harley Street as usual, including screening medicals.

The most recent Government guidelines highlight the importance of maintaining good health and discussing new symptoms with your doctor. Leaving home for medical reasons and appointments is allowed within the rules of the second lockdown.

We have access to both PCR and rapid Covid tests. We can provide onsite tests for patients without symptoms (e.g. prior to essential travel) and send a home testing kit to patients with symptoms or those who are considered contacts of a Covid case. Please call the office to discuss your requirements (020 4580 1152) 
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