During the recent pandemic we have had many patients affected by symptoms and we are slowly learning about the impact that Covid 19 can have on many body systems.

In order to evaluate the impact if you have experienced symptoms, we are now offering face to face Post-Covid 19 Medicals. This would involve a full clinical examination as well as blood tests to check your blood count and liver / kidney function.

If you suffered from severe respiratory symptoms then you may require further evaluation with chest imaging. Further investigations will be organised depending on the outcome of the initial consultation.

Cost £275 plus additional pathology / investigations.


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Office hours: M-F 9-5

Appointment hours: M-F 8.30-5.30 (evening appointments available on request)

Sat/Sun: closed

We continue to provide Covid PCR tests for our patients

£135 per test  |   Covid vaccines are only available via your NHS GP

Whilst we continue to offer video and telephone consultations for those who would prefer not to come in to the office, we remain open for face to face consultations as required
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